Loaded with dark chocolates chips, cacao nibs, pecans, buckwheat, chia seeds, and cocoa powder to coat it all – this flavour is crafted especially for chocolate lover!

Ingredients : Rolled oats, pecans, rice crisps, buckwheat, chia seeds, dark chocolate chip, dark cocoa powder, dark cacao nibs, raw sugar, extra virgin coconut oil, honey, bienneta.



Granola is commonly known as a breakfast food and healthy snack made from rolled oats, mix of nuts, dried fruits and honey. These wholesome ingredients are baked together until it is golden brown and crunchy.

At The Honest Treat, we formulated the best combination of wholesome ingredients for each of our granola flavours. Our granolas are freshly baked everyday to ensure delicious and premium quality granolas for our customers.

The Honest Treat granolas contains NO artificial flavours, free from refined sugar, and highly nutritious!


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